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Friday, 26 June 2015 17:56

Dig Dirt Day At Pine Lake


Dig Dirt Day At Pine Lake

June 12, 2015





foundsomething  littlearcheologists


The little archeologists are hard at work digging and finding cool rocks, charcoal and worms!













Adaladal Spear Throwing 



adal  followthrough








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Thursday, 18 June 2015 01:12

Whoo Whoo Doesn't Dig Ice-cream!?


Whoo Whoo Doesn't Dig Ice-cream!?

Ice-cream Social 2015


black and white pop 

Above: Winnie (age 7) takes a break from the activities and enjoys an icepop! 



Above: Lindsay (age 17) and Annie (age 17) volunteer, along with many other Oneonta High School students, to serve the icecream and condiments at the icecream social!



 Above: Zach (age 5) and Natalie (age 8) build their own shaker screens out of heavy duty paper plates, screening and tape.

Archeologists would use these shaker screens to sift dirt and recover artifcats that go unnoticed during excavation.



Above: Liam (age 4) excavates a flower while digging at the table top archeology station.




Above: Luke (age 9) is determining the best way to "build a box."  

 Tae Kwon Do


Below: Scott Andrew and Derek Leventritt, both local to Oneonta, participate in the Tae Kwon Do demonstration!








Hanford Mills Museum




Job Corps



Above: Lisa Zuend-Misner and Sara Horne, both locals, present the YMCA station and povide coloring as well as information on the YMCA!


Below: The Oneonta Job Corps Academy volunteers and the little archeologists take a break from digging to Zumba!




zumba2 zumba3





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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 16:51

Making Gummies At Hanford Mills

Making Blue Nano Worms At Hanford Mills

May 30th, 2015

  MG 2795

jpeg6 MG 2805 jpg4 MG 2801

Above: A brother and sister join forces and pour the blue concentrate into the pot to create some nano worms together!


 jpg5 MG 2838 

The photograph above and the photograph below: 

Nora Cooper (3 years old) and her brother Will Cooper (6 years old) make a very long nano worm together!


worm9 MG 2852



               Below left: a young man comes and represents the boyscouts!                             Below right: a young man makes the longest worm of the day!

jpeg8 MG 2868jpeg7 MG 2866

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